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  1. Buck

    Well said.

  2. Buck

    Well said.

    When I was in school many years ago, we were taught that ignorance of the law is never a defense. The concept made sense back then.

    However, there is a point of execess, onerous regulation where this principle may not hold up . . .

    Today, as Mr. Nugent points out, even with a law degree or a judgeship, there is no way any one person can know the laws — so many and so many that are just plain silly.

    God only had Ten Commandments (also known today in popular culture as “The Ten Suggestions” and “The Ten Potentially Good Ideas That You May Want To Consider But Don’t Have To Because We have Thousands of Contemporary Laws That Are So Much Better Than The Original Ten”).

    The legal profession and big government have never been more lucrative.

  3. Harry Harrison

    I agree their are to many idiot laws like this.

  4. Matt G

    You showed how much of an honorable man you are by facing this head on.

    That being said, it is a stupid law that promotes irresponsible harvesting of an animal. Were you supposed to just let the poor bear suffer for an extended period of time? I think not. That is so much less of a humane kill than the endeavor you took.

    We hunters applaud you Uncle Ted!! Now come back to Texas where we love you brother!!

  5. Gary Wrisley

    I applaud Ted for standing up to the plate and doing whats right with the law even if the law is stupid or unclear.Ted has always stood up for the sportsmen in the world and I will always stand by him.

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