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  1. Damon

    Well said!!

  2. Roger Tolar

    Wow Ted. I’ve never heard it said better. Amen, brother.
    Keller, TX

  3. dave

    All the big liberals cry that this was just a fist fight that started with assault by Travon. Be a man they cry out, you really mean be victim in a nation of sheep. This act by Travon’s own choice is not a scene from your movie ” West Side Story”. To my kwowledge the air above that sidewalk was free air and the thug nation didn’t own it yet.

  4. BWalker

    Ted, you are exactly right! Why doesn’t the national media proclaim George as a hero? He is what America needs. The situation is incredibly baffling. I guess the media thinks people will read their crap by rubbing the silent majority the wrong way. I guess the best way to fix that is to ignore the crap they write. What is the mainstream media outlet that represents the opinion of the silent majority?

  5. B H

    No one could’ve explained it any better. Racists don’t care about justice… they only care about their racist agenda or they’d understand that justice WAS served, both to Treyvon Martin and to George Zimmerman. Whats happening to George now that the trial is over is NOT justice. Get real people.

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