Menhaden mimickers are the key

Flounder like tiny menhaden. If you are seeing a lot of flounder striking the surface and “rolling” as I like to call it but cannot get them to hit, switch to tiny shad imitations.

I caught around 85 of the 102 flounder I did in the four day Fall Flounder Run in 2011 using the 2.5-inch Sassy Shad by Mr. Twister on an 1/2 oz jighead and tipped with shrimp.

This is an absolutely killer lure and has been the ticket for me not only when the bite gets weird but in general.

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  1. TD

    Chester, would you mind sharing some presentation tips for the bait rigged like this? Do you drag it, pop it up and down, swim it or some combination? Is there a particular method that seems to work best?