Voluntary Recalls: 2005-9 Toyota Tacoma

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March 13, 2012
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If you are the owner of a 2005 thru 2009 Toyota Tacoma pickup, your truck is undergoing a voluntary recall for a steering wheel assembly problem.

Due to the design of the steering wheel spiral cable assembly, in combination with the chassis, friction over time may result in a loss of conductivity to the driver’s side airbag module. If conductivity is lost, the airbag light on the instrument panel will remain illuminated after the truck is turned on. The result may be deactivation of the airbag preventing deployment in an accident.

Toyota will be contacting original owners once parts are available — probably in April. If your vehicle was purchased used, be sure to contact a dealer so that the repIr can be done.

There is also an announced recall for 2009 Camry and 2009-11 Venzas. This time it is for a defective stop light switch and the same repair info applies. If your other car is one of these, or you know someone who drives them, pass along this heads-up.

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