3 Gun Goodness [video]

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October 21, 2012
Truck of Texas is Ram 1500; Ram brand is Truck Line of Texas
October 21, 2012

I recently had the pleasure of competing in my first non-local non-“Top Shot” competition at the Fallen Brethren 3 Gun Competition in Jacksburo, TX.

Before this I had only seen 3 Gun on youtube, but experiencing it is a blast.  You are able to run around with rifle, pistol and shotgun just shredding targets from 3-600 yards against the clock.  I ended up doing very well for my first national match winning one out of ten stages and coming in 18th overall.  Expect a writeup soon in the magazine as well as details on my 3 Gun gear.  For now, here are a few of those stages:

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