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November 13, 2013
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November 18, 2013

Recently we were blessed enough to adopt a beautiful 13 year old daughter who has been with us through foster care for over a year.  She has developed a love for shooting like her new daddy and I’m proud to brag about her first deer kill this season.

Even though I didn’t plan on letting her hunt alone yet, we started off with the Texas Hunter’s Education course per CPS regulations.  Then we slowly worked on her marksmanship starting with pellet guns and rimfire.

Then I thought she might find my CMMG .300 Blackout easy to shoot.  I was right.  The VLTOR adjustable stock allowed her the perfect fit at position 2, the Geissele National Match Trigger gave a crisp break, the EOTech gave her an easy aiming point without having to worry about eye relief, and the GEMTECH suppressor reduced recoil as well as fear of the rifle’s loud report.

KT Hunt 1Next I had her load her own cartridges for the season.  We used 125 grain ballistic tip Noslers traveling around 2,200 FPS.  I supervised her through her loading of 50 rounds then we double checked each one on a digital scale.
After setting up a NatureBlind in San Augustine county we waited and waited.  Her patience and dedication impressed me.  All through Youth Weekend we saw nothing but a few squirrels.  She dispatched one at 35 yards with my special .22 pistol in order to break up the monotony and not go home empty handed.  Squirrel


Then this past week, the evening before her adoption day, we had two does come into view.  She picked the one with the best angle, quartering away at 65 yards.  I encouraged her to press the trigger slowly and gently.  With a solid “WHAP” the deer jumped and kicked, ran 35 yards and fell with a perfect chest shot.












She helped through the entire cleaning process and is ready to do it all again.  Proud daddy here!




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