Ammo Factory for Your Garage! [VIDEO]

September 9, 2014
Bullets Loaded Backwards (VIDEO)
September 11, 2014

I took this video of the Ammo Load Worldwide Mark X Pistol Ammunition Loader at SHOT Show 2014 and it’s just too cool not to share again.  This 9 station press can load up to 5,000 rounds an hour, and can be yours for just $40,000!  The Rifle version runs about $75,000 if I remember correctly.  Enjoy!

The 9 stations do the following:

  1. Case Check: A switch automatically shuts off the machine when a case is deformed or contains foreign material. Depending on their condition, cases may need refurbishing prior to reloading. Reconditioning equipment is available from other manufacturers.
  2. Size and Deprime: Sizing is done with a tungsten carbide die to 80% of case length. Deprimes previously fired cases. The spring loaded die snaps the primer off the decapping pin and away from the case. Adjustable to run new or primed cases.
  3. Primer and Primer Disk Check: Seating depth is quickly adjustable. Primers are visible two stations ahead. Positive indexing assures precise priming. A switch shuts off the machine in the event that the disk does not index correctly. Adjustable to run new or previously primed cases.
  4. Belling: Belling the case is accomplished with a die, which is individually adjustable for the desired bell.
  5. Powder Feed: Consists of a disk with six brass inserts which are reamed to a precise dimension for accuracy of charge. One insert fills at the rear while the front one dumps its load into a case. This disk is in motion for only 25% of a cycle to allow sufficient time to completely fill the measure and unload the powder. Two charges are always visible ahead of the one filling the case. Accuracy of the powder charge is within +/- 1/10 grain. A transparent powder disk cover restricts foreign material from entering the powder disk.
  6. Powder Check: A switch stops the machine in the event of an over or under charge. This serves as a check on the accuracy of the powder load and can be adjusted for different powder charges.
  7. Bullet Seating: Adjustable to seat the bullet at the desired depth.
  8. Crimp: The crimp is tapered and is adjustable to the desired degree of crimp. Additional seating of the bullet can be accomplished, if desired.
  9. Final Sizing: A die assures proper cartridge size is maintained after the seating and crimping operations have been performed.


Want more?  Watch a .22LR factory in action

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