A brief look at Texas lakes and what to expect in coming months

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Lake Nasworthy, recently filled to capacity by late summer rains ,offers to a great setting for fall and winter angling.

Fish surveys conducted by the TPWD revealed recently that the San Angelo Lake has good numbers of black bass, many of them in the five to seven pound range.

Nasworthy bass can be found among the many reed patches along the shorelines. Soft plastic lures will be effective. Crappie this time of year will hold up near wood structure and around the main Nasworthy bridge.


The big border lake is always good to anglers during colder months. Look for the fish to be deep and hanging close to ledges near deep drops.

Small mouth bass are another good choice in the winter. They will hit small jigs, either feathered or soft plastic. Favorite soft plastic baits will be crawfish colored.

Black bass also favor craw colored lures at Amistad. Each year SharLunker bass are taken from Amistad.

O.H. Ivie

O.H. Ivie Reservoir, just east of the city, is another favorite of winter bass anglers. It, like Amistad, is a frequent producer of very large bass just especially before the annual spawn which normally happens in March or April.

Although in a stage of draught conditions, the Runnels County Lake offers usable boat launching ramps at many locations around the impoundment.

Check your Standard-Times for weekly fishing reports on Ivie and other popular West Texas fishing holes.

Lake Fork

If you don’t mind traveling a few hours east, Lake Fork is an excellent choice for winner bass and crappie. Fork, is the number one bass lake in the country and hands over large numbers of 13-pounders or large fish each winter.

Crappie at Fork will concentrate in deep water areas of the lake, around bridges and deep timbered locations. Annually, some SharLunker bass are taken by crappie fishermen using minnows and jigs.

Catfish can always be caught at Fork. Plan on spending a long weekend at Fork this year and you’ll come home with a variety of game fish.

Falcon Lake

Despite being low on water, bass fishing is expected to be good at Falcon this season. Recent rainfall along the Rio Grande has put fresh water into the Border Lake and biologists are hopeful that it will be beneficial to angling efforts.

Channel catfish are abundant at Falcon and when the winter weather is colder to the north and west, it’s usually very pleasant on the border. Always purchase a Mexican and a Texas fishing license when you plan to fish Falcon, because determining whose side of the lake you’re on can become confusing.

Source: Standard Times

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