Texas Lawmaker aiming to make Texas Independence Day a tax-free holiday for buying guns (VIDEO)

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As we get closer to our next legislative session, lawmakers will be discussing several gun bills.

One of which may allow Texans to buys guns without worrying about a sales tax.

Guns are already selling at record levels across Texas, and now a Plano lawmaker hopes to make it even more enticing for Texans to become gun owners.

“I think it would be a wonderful thing it if happened,” said local gun owner Bobby Sanders.

State Representative Jeff Leach filed a bill to make March 2nd, Texas’ Independence Day, a tax-free holiday for guns.

“If you go buy a $300-$500 gun, then you have to add the tax on it that’s another 8 1/4% which adds up to be 30-40 bucks extra,” said Sanders.

In addition to shotguns, handguns and rifles…items like deer stands, archery equipment, ammunition, and gun cleaning supplies would also be tax-free.

Something one local gun shop owner is looking forward to if passed.

“I think it would be good for the economy because hunting season begins September the 1st of each year and I think it’s great for all the shooters and hunters out there. Texas is a big pro gun state and we are big hunters here,” said Erwin Pawn Shop Owner, David Erwin.

State Representative John Smithee says although he is in favor of any bill reducing a tax burden on citizens, this bill needs to be looked at closely to make sure it is fair.

“A provision like this that provides an exemption that will reduce our revenue from the sales tax that would otherwise be collected need to be looked at deeper. So, what we want to do is to try to make our sales tax law as fair as possible,” said Smithee.

Others try to understand why a bill like this may not work for some people in Texas.

“I try to put myself in other people’s shoes before I form an opinion of my own and I can understand how firearms can be intimidating for some people, But with basic safety rules, they’re perfectly safe,” said local gun owner, Robert Westbook.

Leach has been quoted saying encouraging lawful gun ownership will benefit taxpayers and boost economic growth.

If passed the tax free holiday would take effect immediately on March 2nd.

Source: KFDA

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