The fishing has been good between cold fronts

Recent rains make it tough to catch fish in the Galveston Bay complex
March 18, 2015
Redfish crack
March 23, 2015


Capt. Bill Watkins reports that the fishing on Sabine Lake is good between the cold fronts. “This past week we had some really good weather and the trout and reds responded. Not catching any monster trout but a lot of good solid fish. The heavy flow of fresh water from both rivers is pushing the trout south and east.”

The reds are mixed in with the trout on flats and steep falling banks. “They are beginning to bunch up where I can get at them really good. “Found some small shrimp and pogey fry in the Lake early this week. The fish are eating them as well as small mullet.”

Capt. Eddie Hernandez agrees that the trout should be on the flats, concentrating mainly on the Louisiana side. “There are some flats in between Madame Johnson’s Bayou and down south towards what we call the Shell Hole. Hurricane Ike blew a bunch of salt grass in there. The grass has gone away, but we still fish the flats, a good springtime place.”

For baits, Hernandez likes to throw soft plastics, especially the YUM Houdini in a light brown or a glow/chartreuse. “The Gulp Swimming Mullet, a curly tail bait in Limetreuse and white works good, especially for the flounder moving back into the Lake.” Don’t forget the topwaters for the trout and redfish.

Another favorite flounder bait is a lure from Flounder Pounder. “They make a bait called the CT Shad, a curl tail bait.” He also likes Cocahoe Minnows in a glow/chartreuse.

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