Angler uses fishing lure to catch giant bullfrogs (VIDEO)

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I remember fishing for bass in the marshes around Venice years ago with a good friend who spied a big bullfrog up along the shoreline. The amphibian either thought we were too far to cause it any harm or that we couldn’t see its green body in the green vegetation.

For whatever reason, it just stayed where it was, stretching its throat with each breath.

The fishing was a little slow, so my buddy got the bright idea of seeing if he could lure a strike from the frog. He threw his worm up on the bank past the frog, and worked the soft-plastic back toward the shoreline.

There was no chance the frog was letting such an easy meal get away. It pounced on the worm, and my buddy set the hook, catching his first-ever frog with a rod and reel.

YouTube fishing phenom Kyle TheFishWhisperer can relate. In his latest video, he casts a SPRO frog into a patch of reeds, hoping to catch a bass, when a massive bullfrog strikes.

To prove it wasn’t a fluke, he does it again with a different frog.

Each is about the size of Miss Piggy’s boyfriend.

Check out the video here:



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