Reloading .22LR Rimfire

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August 3, 2015
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I’m asked all the time if you can reload .22LR.  While it’s possible, it’s not practical.  However with the rimfire shortage we have seen for the past several years I’ve been expecting to see a home reloading kit and finally you can acquire one from .22lrReloader.com22lr-reloader-kitnew_1024x1024

I’m guessing their primary market is the prepper/survivalist because I doubt this kit will give you competition grade accuracy.  Nevertheless it is interesting.


The basic kit includes a crimper, 2 bullet mold cavities (25 gr and 38 gr), rim cleaner and packer tool, powder dipper and funnel, eye dropper and instructions.  There is a separate resizing die available for nearly the same price as the above kit, because you will probably only be able to fire these in the same bolt/single action firearm that the rounds were originally fired.  

Priming is going to be the toughest part of reloading a rimfire.  You first scrape out the old compound, then reprime and pack a new priming compound into the rim.  For $20 you can buy enough “Prime-All” compound for 2,000 rounds, or you can tediously scrape together enough strike anywhere match heads and kids’ snap caps to prime each cartridge.

The kit includes load data for several powders such as Unique, 700X and Pyrodex P and black powder.

The entire process sounds extremely time consuming for every day plinking, but in a survival situation I suppose it would be better than nothing.


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