Bowers Full Auto USS22 Suppressor Review

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August 4, 2016
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The Bowers USS22 (User Serviceable Suppressor) as evidenced in the video above is the toughest built .22LR suppressor I’ve ever tested.  Many of the other cans are rated for “limited” full auto fire of just a few bursts.  The Bowers USS22 is rated for all day long full auto fire.

.22LR suppressors are described as the gateway drug to the suppressor world.  Being able to shoot the popular and inexpensive round quieter than a pellet rifle is addicting.  Most suppressor dealers will recommend your first purchase being a rimfire suppressor so you can get the most enjoyment out of your first purchase.

I’ve shot dozens of rimfire suppressors.  While there are a great bit of similarities between them, some are built with different purposes in mind.  The Bower USS22 suppressor I tested was built with the idea of hard use, non-relenting full auto fire.

Bowers USS 22 2

Bowers USS22 shown with a Razorback .22LR belted upper and Meopta dot sight.

To demonstrate this we used a Lakeside Machine Razorback .22LR belted upper on a full auto (pre-86, registered and legal) M16 lower to put several hundred rounds through the USS22.

Bowers USS 22 and a 200 round .22LR belt

Bowers USS 22 and a 200 round .22LR belt

While I didn’t mean to send a 300 round dump through the suppressor in 14 seconds, it just kind of happened in the joy of the moment.  But I’m glad I did because it really showed how durable and robust the suppressor is.  So after that I sent another 200 round belt through it.  Still quiet as always, no damage whatsoever.  You could see the temperature difference on the can where the baffles were touching the exterior.

Bowers USS 22 3

Bowers USS22 internal Omega baffle stack and ATAS thread adapter

What surprised me the most is how easily The USS22 suppressor disassmbled after this volume of fire.  With that much heat, lead and carbon in the suppressor I figured the baffles would freeze against the walls of the can since there is no sleeve or sealed baffle system like in my Checkmate suppressor to prevent a foul up.  But after removing the caps and using the plastic handle of a screwdriver against the licensed Omega baffle stack the baffles came right out as shown above.

I was impressed on how there was lack of any noticeable first round pop with the USS22 when fired on my pistol.  Usually the first round is a bit louder than the others because of the fresh oxygen igniting in the suppressor.  Larger cans especially have this since they obviously hold more oxygen. However I guess the Omega baffle stack takes up a good bit of that volume because the first shot was just a quiet as the rest, especially in comparison to my monocore GM-22.

However the neat part about owning a Bowers suppressor is their service agreement.  If you foul up or damage a suppressor they will repair or rebuild and have it back in your hands within a few days for just $20!  If you don’t want to clean your suppressor, don’t worry about it.  When you notice a change in performance or just decide you want it renewed, send it in.  Now that’s service!  And Bowers has been around for 20 years so I’m sure they will be around another 20.

Of course with boasting of this type of full auto rating this Bowers 22 silencer can also handle the pressures of more powerful calibers such as 5.7×28, .22mag, .17 rimfire and even .17 WSM.

Finally, you have a variety of mounting options with the ATAS inserts.  You aren’t locked into just a standard 1/2 x 28 thread pitch.  You can have seamless inserts for most popular .22s such as the Walther P22, G22, M&P 22, Colt/Umarex 1911/22s, GSG and Sig 1911/22s, Mosquitos and P226/22.

Since the USS22 is so robust it won’t be the lightest can in the world weighing just under 8oz, but you wouldn’t have this type of durability in a 3oz aluminum can.  However if you want a lightweight can you can check out the Bowers 3oz Paradigm.

The USS22 retails right under $500.  But you’ll find the best deal and customer service on a Bowers USS 22 from Silencer Shop.  In the meantime, shoot straight, and shoot quietly.







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