Armed Woman Opens Fire on Three Home Invaders [VIDEO]

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October 5, 2016
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Armed Woman Firing at Fleeing Thugs

In this intense surveillance footage you see an armed citizen defending herself against three brazen home invaders.

It’s always helpful to unpack these events when we see a real life defensive story to make sure that we are armed with the proper mindset.

First, we can note the time.  Nearly 4am.  I’m speculating she was alerted somehow to their arrival.

Next, she was obviously ready to fight back.  Not only did she fight back, she charged head on nearly colliding with one of the thugs trying to make his own escape.  Was this the smartest course of action?  Every course I’ve taken would tell you “no”.  Defensive technique would be using the doorframe as concealment and pieing the corner, shooting as we saw the first attacher advancing.  Did it work?  Yup.

Notice how much her pistol recoils in her hand.  This is why we train to shoot one handed.  It’s not fun.  We look like we suck at the range.  But it’s necessary when holding a flashlight or phone.  Drop the phone so you can drop more bad guys.

Armed Woman Firing at Fleeing Thugs

Armed Woman Firing at Fleeing Thugs

Finally, she sloppily empties the rest of the magazine at the fleeing thugs while on the phone with 911.  It’s difficult to turn off the adrenaline switch.  But once the threat is eliminated it’s time to shot firing.

One thug died in this outcome, the other two got away.  Hopefully they learned some hard life lessons from this encounter and change their course of life.

She did a great job by neutralizing the first thug and therefore having the other two also flee in terror.  But imagine if she wasn’t armed with equal firepower?  What if it was raw strength against an unarmed woman?  What would the outcome be in that case?  This is another benefit to the 2nd Amendment freedom we have.  As the old quote says: “God created men, Samuel Colt made them equal.”

And a final thought.  Even more amazing to me is that it was covered national on NBC’s webpage.  Wow!  By the narrative we are told good guys with guns never stopped bad guys.  I guess they will do anything for a few more “clicks”


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