Gemtech 5.56 TREK – The Claw Hammer of the Suppressor World

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The Gemtech Trek suppressor is a bareboned, hard use, no nonsense, 5.56/.223 suppressor for those needing a simple option.

The well worn Trek suppressor on an Adams Arms .223 sporting a Trijicon Accupoint.

The well worn Trek suppressor on an Adams Arms .223 sporting a Trijicon Accupoint.


The Trek was actually my very first suppressor purchase several years ago.  I wanted a affordable suppressor that I would be able to use on both my AR15 and .22LR.  Lone Star Guns over in Lumberton was my closest class 3 dealer at the time and they recommended the Trek to fulfill my wishes.

Now I know a bit more about suppressors, and it’s not ideal to shoot dirty .22LR through a non-serviceable can.  However even the owners manual mentioned firing .22LR through the Trek and the company itself told me it’s fine on occasion since the higher pressure 5.56 rounds would blow out any residue.  Either way, after about a year of occasional range time with the 17 ounce Trek mounted on the front of my 15-ounce rimfire pistol I decided to purchase a dedicated .22LR can.

Nevertheless the Trek has served me well.  It’s a direct thread, no frills silencer.  It has suppressed thousands of rounds of .223 over the years with lots of target shooting to dozens of hog hunts.  The Trek is rated for full auto fire on barrels as short as 10.3” with its short 5.7” seamless design made it a perfect cooking platform for the “Gun Grill” bacon suppressor video a few months ago.

Cooking bacon with an M16

While it does reduce noise by a metered 29db, I can’t help but hope there are quieter .223 cans out there.  When compared to a suppressed .300 Blackout the .223 can seem quite loud and leave an ear still ringing.  However since it is a very simple design, it comes with a lower price retailing at $499.  Get a competitive price with a local dealer by clicking here.

Story by Dustin Ellermann


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