Rugged Obsidian 45 Suppressor Review

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March 23, 2017
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Obsidian in "K" Configuration on the FNX

The Obsidian 45 suppressor from Rugged Suppressors is a modular and durable can that proved to be super quiet even when shooting on a 9mm.

The Rugged Obsidian is one of the longest 45 suppressors I’ve tested. I’m used to my Silencer Co Osprey which is quite large, but the Obsidian was even longer.  However it does have a small diameter.

Supressor Sizes

Obsidian on bottom, Osprey, Bowers ASP, and Griffin Revolution on top

However, the most impressive perk of the Obsidian is it’s modular ability that allows the user to put it into a short mode by removing nearly 2″ of tube from the front of the can.  And unlike my Griffin Revolution, it’s easy to make this change while at the range, and even while the suppressor is still mounted to your (empty and unloaded) firearm.

You know it’s a durable silencer since it’s rated for not only full auto, but relentless belt fed full auto fire.  Unfortunately, I did not have a belt fed 45 at my disposal, so we just tested it with handguns.  However it is comforting to know that it would be nearly impossible to out shoot it.

It’s always recommended that pistol and rimfire cans are user serviceable.  The Obsidian is no different.  It’s easy to disassemble, and the baffles are very easy to re-align and re-order.  Some suppressors like the TiRant have a crazy variety of baffles. It has a blast baffle (Etched with a #1), standard baffles, and skinny front baffles.  All baffles are notched for proper alignment.

Obsidian Parts

The Obsidian’s Insides

The Obsidian ships with the standard .578×28 piston, but there is also a 3 lug mount available that will not add any extra length.  And conveniently enough, Silencer Co pistons are cross compatible.

As shown in the video, I was surprised at how loud it was in short mode.  However, according to published test numbers, shooting it in short mode wet is only 2DB from using it in full configuration.  So it’s probably best to think of the Obsidian in that way.  Think of it as buying a dry and compact long can and a short wet suppressor for one purchase.  Not bad.  And in full configuration on my 9mm, with 45 caliber end cap, it was very quiet.  So again, 2 for 1.  Or in this case 4 for 1.  Or use it on a subsonic 300 Blackout.  So 5 for 1?  I’ll stop.

Obsidian on FXN Short

Obsidian in “K” Configuration on the FNX

The Obsidian retails for $850, but you’ll only pay retail if you go into your local gunshop.  Check out Silencer Shop for the most competitive price. 

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