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The Hog Poison Debate is Heating Up
March 9, 2017
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March 15, 2017

As I am sure you all  know by now I have been in the forefront of the fight to keep  the Warfarin based hog poison “Kaput” out of our woods and fields.   

So far I have teamed up with one of the best bunch of people there is.  The Texas Hog Hunters Association.  These guys and gals are dedicated to not only the enormous task of putting feral hogs in check but at the same time bolstering the stewardship needed to maintain a healthy and flourishing environment.  Members of the THHA have been battling the use of Warfarin based poison on hogs since its first mention as a possible ill thought out remedy for the plague of feral hogs in Texas.  Most recently the THHA has sent members to Austin to talk to the political powerhouses and see if we could get something going as in a Bill or Bills that would if nothing else require that before any poison be placed in our woods and pastures that it be researched and comprehensive studies done.

Two bills have been introduced by state Representative Lynn Stucky Republican from Denton and state Senator Kirk Watson Democrat from Austin that will require extensive research by state agencies or Universities before any poison can be used on feral hogs.  This legislation only comes after a huge outpouring of concern by Texas outdoorsmen and women along with a rather large portion of conservation minded individuals who don’t even hunt.

On March 2nd a Hubbard based company called Wild Boar Meat entered a lawsuit to stop the use of Kaput (poison) on feral hogs.  Wild Boar Meat is a company which supplies feral hog meat for pet food manufacturing.  This suit resulted in a temporary injunction against the use of poison and the rule set forth by Texas Ag. Commissioner Sid Miller. The state judge deemed the use of the emergency provision used was invalid and unwarranted. 

House Bill 3451 and Senate Bill 1454 would require complete and comprehensive field studies along with an extensive scientific study under strict controlled circumstances.  This way the total impact on the environment as well as the economy and land owners can be assessed completely.

So far the only data available about Kaput and its effects on nontarget wildlife and the environment comes from the company which produces the poison and its application system.  This seems a bit fishy to me.  I mean come on. The only company which sells the only poison and only poison delivery system that can be purchased is the only place that has done extensive studies on its safety.   Where I am from that dog don’t hunt.  I have heard that Texas A&M supposedly conducted a study but have not seen that study presented for any validation.  When questioning officials at the Texas Ag. Commissioners office we have been referred only to the information on the web page for Simetrics the company which manufactures Kaput.  

I can not help but turn my thoughts to species such as the Ocelot and Jaguarundi as well as the Red Wolf.  These are threatened, endangered and in the case of the Red Wolf listed as extinct in Texas.  In the past few years their numbers have been ever so slowly creeping back. I know of 2 possible Red Wolves photographed in the past 2 years.  What of the creatures who eat of the carcasses which are filled with poisons.  Where are the studies which show the impact on something other than feral hogs and from someone other than the company selling the poison…

Story by Jeff Stewart


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