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When shopping for hunting and shooting gear, the choices are many but a few questions come to mind when selecting what you need for the range or wherever you shoot. There are numerous companies doing great things in the outdoor realm and I continue to write these “Texas Tested” articles to hopefully show you some of the gear I have found useful in my time in the outdoors.

One new company just entering the market “full steam ahead” is W-Gear by Cody Weiser. This is a line of practical and tactical gear for the hunter or at the gun range. I have known Cody for over 10 years now and everything he has produced over this past decade has been of very high quality. I met Cody with my work with a hunting ranch I work for as he hosted events for wild hog hunting near where he lived several years ago. The products he produced with his company back then were top notch and I knew I could come to expect great things from him if we ever worked together again.

Cody entered the shooting and hunting products arena as he was trying to find products that worked well with his collection of specialty pistols and other firearms. Finding a solid but soft and portable shooting rest, soft case, ammo holder and other gear at an affordable price was harder to come by so he had the goal of creating a line of high quality shooting gear that was made right here in the great state of Texas. This was how W-Gear was launched.

Take for example the W-Gear Ammo Bracelet, which keeps all your ammo at your convenience right on your wrist. This product comes in two different sizes dependent on your caliber and is a neat idea and practical concept. Another ammo storage option available from W-Gear is called the Ammo Tortilla which is named as such because it is soft but very durable and folds up for convenient storage and carry but quickly opens when you need to access the ammunition inside. Both of these are brilliant ideas and very practical solutions for shooting and hunting.

For specialty pistols, AR pistols, pistol grip shotguns or SBR’s and other short guns, there’s the Guardian Scabbard which is made in a variety of colors and patterns. I really like this product as you can carry it by hand or over the shoulder.  What’s more is that it comes with MOLLE attachement points for attaching to a backpack. The build of this product is far superior to many soft cases I have encountered and I am impressed to say the least. The latest and greatest product in this line is the Guardian Scabbard Jr. which is designed to fit the Thompson (T/C) pistols or scoped revolvers.

The other gear currently available from W-Gear is high on my checklist of quality and value as well. The Rifle Pillow attaches to the barrel of your rifle and allows a soft rest in just about any shooting position in the field. The Rear Bag and Mega Bag are both independent shooting bags that are very stable while also being easy to adjust. The Rear Bag is a great forward or rear shooting rest and the Mega Bag is a larger but easily portable rest for use at the range, making a shot from a stationary object like a wooden fence post, tree or almost any other rest option in the field. These are must have items at the range in my opinion.

What impresses most about this line of products is that you really do get a value for what you pay for, which is hard to find with many other companies this days. All of the W-Gear products also come with a lifetime guarantee. It is great to know there are some companies out there who stand behind their products like this. I give my full TF&G Texas Tested stamp of approval on this company and their products and highly recommend you check them out at www.codyweiser.com. Thank you, as always, for watching, reading and listening!

Story by Dustin Vaughn Warncke


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