Podcast: Whitetail Deer and Wild Hog Hunting, Wildlife Biology and Scent Control with Guest Rex Holmes Jr.

fishing podcast
Podcast: Underground Bowhunting Tips, Crossbow Q&A and More with Guest Lou Marullo
September 27, 2017
fishing podcast
Podcast: Scent Control and Hunting Scents Revisited, Fishing Stories and Starting Kids Right in the Great Outdoors with Guest Rex Holmes Jr.
October 25, 2017
fishing podcast

On this week’s show, Dustin sits down with Rex Holmes, Jr., owner of Vapor Trail Outdoors and they talk about hunting tactics, wildlife biology and using Vapor Trail Scents for hunting success. Rex is a life-long hunter and developed his product lines around products that are safe to use and highly effective for hunting wild game animals. This is an information-packed episode full of fun and insights into the great outdoors.

Mentioned in the Show

VTS: www.vaportrailscents.com 

VTO: www.vaportrailoutdoors.com

Rex Holmes Jr. on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rex.holmesjr 

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Cast, Blast, Grill, Chill Podcast Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/castblastgrillchill/

DB Hunting Ranch: www.dbhunting.com

DB Wild Game Processing and Taxidermy: www.dbwildgamprocessing.com

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