Houston Boat Show (Kayaks)

Welcome to the Houston Boat Show
January 5, 2018
Pleasure Craft at Rinker’s Boat World (Houston Boat Show)
January 8, 2018

Chester Moore, editor-in-chief of Texas Fish & Game is at the 2018 Houston Boat Show, checking out the Fishing Tackle Unlimited booth… you can’t really call it a “booth,” it’s more like a giant area here with so many different items for fishing.

In this section, we’re checking out the Hobie Kayaks. You know, the cool thing is when you come to this show, it’s not just boats and pleasure craft… it’s everything you need that can help you catch more fish.

If you need to get in shallow water, a kayak is of course a great way to do that. And the other thing about kayaks is, if you’re pinched on the budget—can’t always afford a yacht (very few of us can). I wish I could but I can’t! This is more of my kind of budget.

So come to the 2018 Houston Boat Show and check this boating alternative out. It’s not just all kinds of boats, it’s every kind of boat you can possibly imagine at the 2018 Houston Boat Show, including kayaks.

And, if you haven’t seen a kayak in a while, kayaks are souped up with all kinds of new technology. You can even get shallow water anchors, depth finders all kind of cool stuff.

Come learn about it here at the 2018 Houston Boat Show.


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