McClain Trailers at the Houston Boat Show

Pleasure Craft at Rinker’s Boat World (Houston Boat Show)
January 8, 2018
2018 Houston Boat Show Pontoon Boats at Capt. Kirk’s Marine
January 8, 2018

Chester Moore, editor-in-chief of Texas Fish & Game is here at the NRG Center for the 2018 Houston Boat Show and he’s checking out the exhibit for McLean trailers.

If you’ve got a big bay boat, or if you’ve got a bass boat or a pontoon boat, then you’ve got to have a trailer to be able to take it out there to get on the water.

McClain trailers been around a long time. And they have really, really quality products.

And they are here at the 2018 Houston Boat Show with a massive booth showing off all that they have to offer.

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