Marsh Fishing Tactics: Scoring in Brackish Water

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February 6, 2018
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February 6, 2018

Fishing in brackish water is like Christmas morning for me. You never know what you’re going to catch and, whatever it is, It usually makes me smile.  Also, whatever bites your lure is going to be playing the game to win and will fight like it as a result! I took two guided fishing trips to two different areas of brackish marsh this summer and fall of this past year and I had tremendous time on both trips. Regardless your targeted species, it has hard to beat the diversity and intrigue of fishing shallow brackish water in the marsh.

Much like fishing many areas, I like to focus on running the edges of the marsh and further concentrate on any points I find, those both underwater and visible on land. I caught reds and specks in marsh areas in super shallow water on both of these trips, meaning this is a good area where kayaks, fishing SUPs, round boats and other light watercraft are a great idea. Fish any structure you can find, staying about 20-30 or so yards away.

One of the go-to lures for many fishing guides in areas like the marsh is a tried and true gold spoon. This has been a preferred lure on both fishing trips I was on this past year. If you like to chunk and wind a lure, a gold spoon is hard to beat and you can catch just about any game fish on it too.

Another lure I have used with success in this kind of environment is a Z-Man Minnowz or Trout Trick rigged on a 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad UltraPoint KVD Wieghted Grip-Pin Swimbait hook. This hook has the weight in the shank or the “belly” of the hook, making this rig swim better than just about any other way I have rigged a soft plastic like this. The thing I like the most about the Z-Man Minnowz is that they float, unlike many other soft plastics in this realm. If you are mounting a soft plastic like this on a regular jig head, it is a game changer for bait presentation to wary fish. What’s more is that these Z-Man plastics are made with ElaZtec, their proprietary material, which means you can fish a bag of baits a lot longer than many other brands on the market as they have much more overall durability, even up against big toothy fish.

Mustad UltraPoint KVD Wieghted Grip-Pin Swimbait hook

Another consideration for marsh fishing is rocking a popping cork rigged with a soft plastic shrimp if you want to head out a bit deeper. Z-Man makes Shrimpz and other soft plastics which you can rig on a jig head. This is a great rig to have in the mix for salt or brackish water. Fish your popping corks aggressively until you get the attention of a fish. This requires some “elbow grease” but the result can be a fish of a lifetime.

For shallow water fishing, my blog post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Power-Pole shallow water anchors. Whether you use a full sized anchor on a center console bay boat or traditional bass boat or even a Micro anchor on a kayak or other small craft, it is good to be able to hold your spot when you connect with a fish or locate school of game fish or bait fish. All of the Power Pole shallow water anchor products help keep you in the game without spooking the fish or otherwise disrupting your angling activity. Fishing like this can be a game changer if you have never experienced it before.

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ

Fish fun and fish safe out there and be sure to check out the podcast I host, The Best of the Outdoors right here on We are going to be starting a new saltwater fishing series in the  2018 New Year with our coming episodes which can help you be a better angler and have even a more awesome day in the outdoors.

Dustin Vaughn Warncke


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