Deer Semen Donation to TX Democrat Campaign Causing Stir

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A donation of deer semen to Ana Lisa Garza-a Democratic district court judge in Starr County running for District 31 seat is causing quite a stir.

Yes, deer semen was donated to a political candidate.

A total of $51,000 in deer semen straws were donated to the candidate according to The Huffington Post.

Each straw contains an estimated $1,000 worth of deer semen and is named after its donor, according to the Houston Chronicle. The sperm donors who gave to Garza include Mabo Thicket, Tack Hammer and Strike Force.
The story quotes Fred Gonzalez, treasurer of the Texas Deer Association who said semen is a common way for Texas deer breeders to donate. In other words the semen has value but since it is a renewable resource it does not take much out of pocket expenses for the donors.
Some readers might be wandering why deer semen is being collected, much less given to a political candidate. Selective breeding of whitetails is big business in Texas with numerous operations bringing in bucks from northern states as well as Texas natives proven to produce huge antlers. The industry is highly regulated and is the centerpiece of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) regulations. Deer ranchers in Texas say they are unfairly targeted and many contend that CWD is not the threat it is made out to be.
Texas deer ranchers trade in breeder bucks, proven producing does, fawns and straws of semen. It is not uncommon to see advertisements that contain advertisements for high genetic deer semen. Particular breeder bucks are advertised by their potential Boone & Crockett score and for their aptitude in producing big buck offspring.
This may seem unusual for those not familiar with the industry but it is a result of technology and supply and demand and with the prices quoted above the demand seems high.
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