Its Time to Scout For Deer Now

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April 5, 2018
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April 20, 2018

Now is a great time to do some early scouting for deer season. I know it is a long way off yet, but, while it is still spring with cooler temperatures, it is the perfect time to walk out in your favorite deer lease and look around.

Last month, I talked about the ground being so soft this time of year because of all the rain. This makes it so much easier to see where the deer trails are. And deer are creatures of habit. The trails that are being used now will most likely be used in the Fall as well.

bow hunting

If there is a stream in your area, then walk along it and look for where they deer like to cross. Once you find that, look around at the trees in that spot. You want to make sure you pick a nice straight tree that is about 20 yards or so from your expected shot. You also need to make sure the normal wind direction will blow any of your scent away from the nose of that whitetail!

I cannot stress that enough. The nose of a deer is their best defense. Combine that impeccable eyesight and hearing that can pick out the slightest unnatural noise, and you will agree that you need to take every precaution to make sure you are hidden from all of these senses if you want to be successful.

I have one place where there is a group of apple trees right in the middle of the woods. What a find this was. I would have never located it if I could not follow fresh tracks that led me directly to it. This deer haven has proven to be a hot spot for years now. You may have one just like it.

You just need to look.

Lou Marullo

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