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Olight Valkyrie

Even in daylight the Olight Valkyrie is bright enough to see the tail end of the bullet flying through the air.

The Olight Valkyrie mini light is a quick mounting light perfect for home defensive use.  At the July 27th flash sale, you can grab one for only $47.97!

The Olight PL-Mini Valkyrie boasts of 400 Lumens in a small rechargeable package

I’ve been able to test the Valkyrie for several weeks now and it has found a place on my suppressed Glock 19.  I haven’t been too keen on pistol lights in the past because I always have a bombproof Elzetta within reach and mounting lights on handguns limits your holster options.  But since my Glock 19 likes the Griffin Revolution suppressor that also makes holstering it a headache so the G19 has claimed the home defense role.

Even in daylight the Olight Valkyrie is bright enough to see the tail end of the bullet flying through the air.

And unlike my Streamlight’s I’ve tested that have a screw on mount, the Valkyrie snugly snaps onto the rail in no time at all.  So even if you wanted to just keep it close by it is not a hassle to attach it when needed or remove when you wish to holster it.  But it also bears mentioning that a quick search will find several holster makers offering models compatible with Olight weapon lights.

The neatest feature about the Valkyrie is the magnetic USB charging cord.  No need to replace batteries, just snap the magnetic terminal to the light and it will top off the battery.  The Cree XP-L LED diode should never burn out on you.  And then you can feel free to use it all the time at the range because even shooting in daylight the light is bright enough to catch the tail end of the bullet as it leaves the muzzle (see the photo further down).  And as for the magnetic charging cord – it seemed to be the perfect strength to always release from the magnet and not unplug the USB when pulled.  The magnetic end of the cable glows either red for “charging” or green for “charge complete”.

Magnetic Charger and Valkyrie

Magnetic Charging Strip Attached

The light is activated by downward force on the ambidextrous paddles.  You have to give them a good push so it’s doubtful that you would activate the light accidentally.  You can hold momentarily to flash the light or tap to turn the light on for good.

However the light does get warm pretty quick.  Which is also why it is supposed to automatically regulate from the 400 lumens and down to 60 lumens after one minute of use.  Then once the light cools off it will produce full power again.  But in my testing I never saw one of my lights fade. After keeping it on for several minutes the entire light assembly was hot to the touch. Another light I had did fade and then lasted for 70 minutes!  It took about an hour to reach full charge after a complete battery drain.

The beam has a published range of 75 meters.  Personally I never tested it past 50 yards, but of course we all know defensive encounters are usually close range.  From 50 yards I had no trouble hitting full size silhouette targets with my XS Sights.

The beam casts two areas of light.  In a dark room at 12′ away the outer edges of the beam gave off about 10′ of light in both directions and it had a much brighter 3′ section in the center where the handgun would be aiming.  From 15 and 25 yards I had no problem illuminating my entire range and even shooting the plate rack.

Raw photo from live fire at the range from 15 yards. You can totally see the Angelfire Ammo 147 grain bullet in flight!

The light doesn’t feel quite as heavy duty as the more reputable brands, but I fired several hundred rounds with it mounted to my Glock with no issues.  All Olights come with a 3 year manufacture warranty.

Today is the best day to take advantage of the flash sale for the Olight at 40% off- normally $79.95 means it’s only $47.97.  A great value for a defensive light for your handgun.


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