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October 18, 2018
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The cool weather is finally on the way.  This cooler weather always makes me want to spend more time outside in the great outdoors seeking adventure.  There are so many opportunities that we can take advantage of and so many sights to see.  If you are looking for an autumn adventure, you don’t need to travel far.  Here are a few of the outdoor activities that can be enjoyed along the Upper Coast of Texas-where I live.

1). Bird watching: That’s right bird watching!  Most of the time I write about killing birds, but it can also be fun just to watch them.  The Anahuac National Wildlife refuge, and the Audubon Society on High Island are both world class places to view many species of birds and waterfowl.  This is a cheap outing and can be lots of fun for the whole family.  Be sure to bring binoculars and a good camera!

Half a squirrel limit with a few headshots from a Frontier Rifle

2). Camping: Now that the weather is cooling down, tent camping is once again an option. There are more places to camp than I can even list.  Sea Rim State Park and Galveston Island State park are two beach camping areas that come to mind.  Be sure to bring plenty off!  Both of the places can accommodate tents camping as well as just about and trailer or Motorhome. They have 20, 30 and 50 amp service available along with water hookups.  A dump station is available as well. Fall can be a great time to camp and enjoy the cool weather so make your reservations now.

3). Duck Hunting: In just a few short weeks duck season will open.  There are several of the best public duck hunting places in the country right in our area.  McFadden NWR, Anahuac NWR, and JD Murphree WMA offer some of the finest waterfowling in the country for little to no cost.  However, there are various restrictions that apply so be sure to follow all of the regulations.

3). Deer Hunting: While most people in Texas hunt on private land, that does not mean that there is no public Hunting available.  Sabine National Forrest, Angelina National Forrest, Davy Crockett National Forrest, and the Big Thicket are all public and all offer great deer hunting opportunities. These deer will not be easy to hunt, and you will need to spend some time scouting in advance to help ensure success.  However, there are some Giant East Texas bucks that call these places home and if you manage to harvest on, it is very rewarding.  Once again be sure to check for any special regulations before you hunt.

4). Squirrel hunting: This is often an over looked type of hunting for most.  However, it is very fun and is many times the first hunt a child ever goes on.  I have great memories Hunting Squirrels as a youngster in the woods around Sam Rayburn.  These little critters are a challenge to hunt and provide a great opportunity to get into the outdoors on a cool autumn morning.  If you find an oak bottom, squirrels are guaranteed to be somewhere close.  Each of the areas I listed for deer hunting also have squirrel hunting opportunities as well.

Brian Johnson (Duckdogtrainer.com)


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