Charged by a Wild Hog! (VIDEO)

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November 2, 2018
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November 8, 2018

Charged by a wild hog!

Lone Star Boars does it again.  Not only has the man killed over 6,000 wild hogs now he taking them on up close and personal.

Having a pet “once feral” hog as a pet I’m familiar with how they like to bed down.  They can hide and camoflague themselves well in the brush.  They even build themselves dens out of foliage to completely conceal themselves and sheild them from weather.  Stalking into thier home turf definitely has a pucker factor.

However the coolest part of this ordeal is that Todd was playing a “piglet in distress” call from the phone in his pocket.  Talk about daring!  Come at me pig!  Lets see what you’ve got!  I suppose playing the call might have helped disquise his footsteps which is pretty genius.

Todd used this LWRC PDW in 5.56 with 64 grain Nosler Accubond.

Todd used this LWRC PDW in 5.56 with 64 grain Nosler Accubond.

If you like this you’ll like Lone Star Boars entire YouTube channel which mostly consists of thermal hog hunts and reviews.  Todd has even launched his own store at

If you like the hog slaying you’d also like the video of my helicopter hog hunt.


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