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May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019

In boating accessories, there are a multiple of options on the market today. What we wanted to do in this article is explore how the shallow water manufacturer Power-Pole performed in the service department and one of the best ways to do this was through a search on fishing/boating forums and other social media platforms.

The adage, “Service After the Sale” is something some businesses in today’s world do not honor like the days of past where you came to expect good service and value for your money before, during and after your transaction. JL Marine Systems, manufactures of the very popular Power-Pole shallow water anchors , still pride themselves on providing excellent customer care and it shows in the countless reviews and comments you can easily find for yourself in a quick search online.

Perhaps one Facebook user said it best when he wrote, “Power-Pole’s customer service is 2nd to none” when he posted photos of a Power-Pole unit that needed repair and their invoice showing no-charge for the replacement of the unit.

Another social media user posted, “Customer Service from the people at Power-Pole Total Boat Control is just amazing. I called on Monday about foot switch issues and had replacement switches on Wednesday. Bam!! Thank you, Power Pole!” This is another testament of the service you can expect when you add this to your traditional fishing boat or small watercraft.

In yet another social media post that we found, here was more praise: “I know this is becoming old news but I need to brag about Power-Pole Total Boat Control‘s customer service. I submitted a warranty claim for a failed dash switch over the weekend via email. By 8am Monday morning I had an email from Nathan at PP telling me that a new dash switch was going in the mail and was covered at no cost. I just received a FedEx notification that the package was delivered this afternoon. Thanks, Power-Pole! If you are even remotely considering a PP vs. Talon, don’t think twice.”

What is even more compelling is the entire wall of printed customer praises on service that is pictured above, showcasing their unwavering commitment to serving their customers. You don’t find that everywhere, especially in the proverbial sea of boat accessories and the manufacturers that produce them in the boating industry.

How about one more post we found from the social media and fishing forum scene? “For the record, Power-Pole’s customer service is a 10 stars out of 5 stars. They ALWAYS take care of their guides and back their warranty! I’ll never own any other shallow water anchor system!”

From the Blade to the Micro and even the ultra-lite spike, there is Power-Pole shallow water anchor to fit just about any watercraft out there. And with reviews like these, it is hard to beat a legacy of incredible customer service that can be found with this company. Learn more about Power-Pole at http://www.power-pole.com.

Dustin Warncke


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