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Hunting The Eastern Turkey In New York
May 7, 2019
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May 20, 2019

It does not happen often, but when everything falls into place when you go hunting for turkeys, it’s the best.

And when Chester Moore decided to try his luck with those eastern turkeys from New York State, I told him to come on up and let’s give it a try! It was opening day and the expectation of success was at a super high level.

I had already scouted in three different locations and knew we had birds in the area. I made sure my Remington 12 gauge was ready to go and the Redneck Soft Side Ghillie Blind was set up in a great location. All that was needed was a turkey hunter from Texas to seal the deal.

Morning came early… VERY early.

Chester Moore with his bird next to the Redneck Soft Side Ghillie Blind and the Mad Shady Baby upright hen decoy that played an important role in the success of the hunt.

As a matter of fact, when I told Chester we had to get up at 3:30 he thought I was kidding. No sir. I like to be in the spot ready to hunt with plenty of time to let the woods calm down.

As soon as it was light enough to see the sights of the shotgun, I began my regimen of calls.

The tree call is the first one I use and I told Chester that if we get a response then get ready it will be over soon. After no response, I took my hat off and rapidly waved it back and forth against my leg to sound like a turkey fly down.

A few yelps after that and off in the distant woods a tom gobbled. We talked to each other a few more times before the bird went silent. I assumed he must have had hens with him. 

Two hours later, I saw a big black object 200 yards down the field. A few yelps got his attention and he slowly (and I DO mean slowly) headed in our direction. He would take a few steps, gobble and display his fan while Chester kept taking photos of the big bird. Excitement was building with every step, every gobble until he finally came in to shotgun range. The Redneck Softside Ghillie Blind we were in really blended in so unbelievably well that tom turkey had absolutely no idea he was about to have a bad day!

Click went the safety, boom went the gun and Chester fulfilled his quest for an eastern turkey from New York State. What a great hunt and a lasting memory. Hunting wild turkeys is incredibly fun!

Now I hear that Chester is off for Merriam’s turkeys. Hey! Good luck Chester!

Lou Marullo



  1. Chick says:

    For a true challenge, go for Eastern Turkey in East Texas. 11″ beard, 22# in Sabine County, this year.

  2. Chick says:

    For a true challenge, go for Eastern Turkey in East Texas. 11″ beard, 22# in Sabine County, this year.