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The SRO's large window is obvious next to this worn RMR.

Trijicon’s Specialized Reflex Optic (SRO) was released at this year’s annual NRA Meeting.  The SRO is the next step in red dot optics.  I believe it will be a real winner.


Trijicon’s Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) has been the go to optic for handguns for years.  The Type 2 beefs up the rugged part a bit more as well.  But it still had a few shortcomings.  


Utilizing the same mount footprint as the current RMR, the most noticeable difference of the SRO is the absolutely huge sight window. I absolutely love it.  However I do have a disagreement with Trijicon’s initial advertising where they claimed it was “impossible” to not see the dot. It was hyperbole.  It’s just that the larger window makes it much easier to find and track the red dot.  We don’t use red dot optics on the Marksmanship Camp handguns for this reason.  Dots optics on handguns require a slight learning curve.  Beginners are so accustomed to finding the front sight they naturally point the handgun sky high when looking through a red dot.  The SRO doesn’t completely eliminate this issue, but it sure is easier.  Especially since much of the newer window is higher above where the RMR window would be cropped off.  The SRO’s glass also looks much clearer than the RMR when viewing them side by side.  


The SRO’s glass is surprisingly clear


However with the larger window, critics state that the SRO isn’t as durable as an RMR.  I’ll leave the torture testing up to someone else with a larger budget.  I like my SRO too much to purposefully abuse it.  But one could see that the “not as rugged” theory could have merit just by looking at the design of the SRO vs RMR.


The SRO’s large window is obvious next to this worn RMR.


Another shortcoming of the RMR design was the battery position.  While the battery life is extremely long, it is recommended that it is changed once a year.  This requires removing the optic completely since the battery is mounted underneath.  Small torx screws torqued with blue loctite can be difficult to remove.  The SRO’s battery is easily replaced from the top.  But once again, on mid level brightness the single 2032 battery can last as long as three years.

SRO on Canik

The Canik TP9SF topped off with the Trijicon SRO

My favorite RMRs are the versions with automatic and manual brightness options. But at times, those manual buttons can be bumped resulting in a sight turned too bright or dim on the draw.  The SRO gives the user the option of locking out those buttons to rely fully on brightness adjusting automatically to ambient light, or locking in a user preferred brightness setting.  These lockout functions ensure that bumping or even continuous pressing won’t result in a surprise when you draw your firearm.  

SRO Buttons

Like some RMR models, the SRO has manual adjustments, although the SRO has lockout features.

I see the SRO being a huge success in the tactical and competition realms.  I believe it’s a bit large to be used as much in the concealed carry market, although it would give the defender a great advantage.  I believe the RMR still has its place due to its compact size and ruggedness.  

SRO Accuracy

Optics are great way to milk all the accuracy out of your handgun.

Get One

The SRO is available in 1, 2.5 and 5 MOA dot sizes.  I was plenty happy with my 2.5 but might prefer a 1 since I like to toy with precision handgun distance shots.  The SRO retails around $599 but I found mine for only $417 at BigDaddyUnlimted: BDU is a membership site passing on distributor prices to its members.  BDU is only $0.99 for the first month and then $9.99 every month after that, but obviously worth it if you purchase any hunting, shooting, fishing or outdoor gear frequently.

If you aren’t up to the membership advantages of BDU, you can find the SRO at Optics Planet and save 5% by using code “TopShotDustin”
Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sight:

Trijicon SRO Red Dot Sight:


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