Airforce Airguns Talon (Review)

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The old saying that big things can come in small packages is true. Airguns were a cornerstone of my childhood and growing up around small caliber air rifles was one of my favorite past times with my dad and grandpa as it taught me gun safety and marksmanship at an early age. Many airgun companies have been trailblazers in the industry Perhaps Airforce Airguns is one of the most unique of these companies as their guns look unlike just about anything else on the market and shooting their guns is about as much fun as you can have in the great outdoors, no matter what you are shooting. Performance is also a key consideration to make when evaluating an innovator like this and Airforce is a winner in that department as well.

I have written other reviews about the TalonP and, after owning one for a while, I came back to it recently as being one of the coolest and most unique guns in my gun safe. Imagine a gun smaller than most AR-15 pistols that is a single shot, light weight, really easy and fun to shoot – especially for young shooters.

What’s more is that it’s not even considered a firearm and you can get the TalonP SS, the integrally suppressed version of this weapon without an NFA stamp or paperwork! How cool! The gun is easy to fill and it can run numerous shots before needing to be refilled again. That means more shooting and less visits to your air tank for refills.

Talk about an excellent squirrel or rabbit hunting gun to maneuver in the thick brush or a predator gun when you need to access a “truck gun” on the fly. Yes, you need something light and compact and this fits that order well.

What really got me back to shooting this gun on the regular again was my 10-year-old son Jackson. He loves shooting this gun in our large backyard with a BOG DeathGrip tripod as an independent shooting rest. In fact, it might be his favorite gun of mine! I guess I can share?

Jackson and I like shooting JSB Match Diablo Exact King .25 caliber pellets ( in this gun as they are accurate and well worth the price. The cost of shooting airguns is very comparable to shooting a .22LR firearm but its cleaner (no brass casing left over and no gun powder residue) and also more fun in my opinion. I also added a sling and some other accessories such as a picatinny rail to the scope for extra gear mounting options.

Airforce Airgun’s designed a gem here but let us not forget the TEXAN big bore line as well as the Condor and Escape small bore airguns. If you are looking for a compact but powerful hunting weapon, look no further. You have found your airgun! Learn more and get you some today at

Dustin Vaughn Warncke


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