Griffin 22M Resistance 22LR/223 Suppressor

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Griffin Resistance 22M beside a slimmer Bowers USS22

Griffin Resistance 22M beside a slimmer Bowers USS22

The Griffin Resistance 22M is a 22 caliber suppressor that can impressibly handle up to .223 Remington.

Specifications: (From Griffin)

Standard configuration: 4.9oz, 4.75″ L x 1.375″ OD

3-Lug configuration: 7.2oz, 5″ L x 1.375″ OD

Taper Mount configuration: 7.5oz, 6.3″ L x 1.375″ OD

113 DB SPL on .22lr Pistols

114 DB SPL on .22 Rifles

129 DB SPL @ shooters ear on 20″ .223 Remington Bolt Action Rifle

Resistance 22M on a 16" AR15 in 223

The Resistance 22M is rated for limited fire on .223


I love suppressors that are different.  Something that stands out above all the others.  And the Resistance 22M is unique.  Not only can it handle a limited amount of .223, but it has an old school optional “wipe” baffle.  However, since the ATF in it’s “infinite wisdom” and pursuit of infringements, and thievery of happiness has declared a piece of rubber (ok neoprene in this case) as a regulated suppressor baffle it’s not near as convenient to replace a worn wipe as purchasing a replacement pack anymore.  Nevertheless, it’s the first time I’ve been able to do something I wanted to do for a while: see what type of accuracy degradation would happen when shooting through the wipe suppressor.

But while we are still in the introduction phase of this review you will notice I wrote “a limited amount of .223”.  And that needs clarification right away for any potential customers who are ready to drop a $200 infringement tax stamp purchase on the 22M believing they can blast away with their AR15 with this can since it’s “rated for .223!”

Since the Resistance 22M is aluminum, it will heat up fairly quickly.  Heat causes metal to fail.  This is a LIMITED 223 suppressor.  More along the lines of actual hunting pace.  The owners manual gives a warning of one shot fired every 20 seconds on a minimum of a 16″ barrel.  NO SBR use.  No high volume use.  Definitely no mag dumps.  And you must use the. taper mount or 3 lug which extends the tube as well as giving it a blast chamber for the higher pressure.  But for simple and occasional hunting use, it should work just fine.

The Resistance 22M’s short and stubby build is perfect on this 15/22 SBR

Why Wipe?

The 3/16″ neoprene wipe seals in as much of the excess gas as possible in front and most importantly, behind the escaping bullet.  I can’t say that I heard a difference in it by ear, but I trust it’s there or why bother with a wipe after all these decades?

However I’ve been curious for year how much a wipe affects accuracy.  And after shooting a mag or two through my Volquartsen Scorpion .22LR pistol at 50 yards and still connecting with the target I was optimistic.  So I attached the Resistance 22M to my Volquartsen Custom I-Fluted .22LR rifle to compare a group with and without the wipe.

Now the wipe was used a little on this demo can before I shot it.  Then I opened the wipe up a bit more with the 20 rounds on the pistol when I rushed outside with it after it arrived.  It’s safe to say it was “broken in” at this point, however it was still making contact with the flying bullets.

In the video you can clearly hear a whistling sound as the bullets unstably tumble downrange.  In fact – they didn’t even hit the target I was aiming at!  They hit nearly a foot to the right, some missing the 5.5″ Caldwell target altogether!

Groups with and without the Resistance Wipe

30 round group on the left target was shot without the wipe from 50 yards. 20 yard group on the right target was aiming at the same left target, yet hit way off course!

So obviously, a wipe degrades accuracy.  But it’s made to be quiet, not accurate.  So it’s still a cool option to have to show off “how quiet” your suppressor is.

But How Quiet is it?

In the video I pull out my Bowers USS suppressor as a benchmark comparison.  We use the USS at Marksmanship camp extensively.  They never exhibit any first round pop, and they are downright quiet.

Well, the 22M, shot side by side my USS, was noticeably quieter.  I was impressed.  Later I wished I would have switched hosts to make sure it wasn’t just the heavy competition bolt helping the 22M, but I doubt it was.  The Griffin Resistance 22M was very quiet.  There was a noticeable first round pop, but it wasn’t that loud.  If you didn’t have a side by side comparison like the video it wouldn’t be too noticeable.

On a .223 it was hearing safe on my 16″ Faxon build.  But again – we won’t be mag dumping .223 through it.  But it’s a nice option to have.

Resistance 22M Baffle Stack

The baffle stack is keyed for easy alignment, the odd colored baffle is your blast baffle.


The 22M is priced very competitively at only $355 at  Given all the options you get with it, I thought it’s a very reasonable price point.  .22LR all the way to .223, optional wipe, optional 3 lug, and serviceable.  So if you are looking for something that will handle 500 rounds of .22LR between cleanings, yet let you hunt with a larger caliber, it could be a match for you.



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