An Affordable Way To Mount Turkeys

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November 28, 2019
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December 5, 2019

Wild turkeys are one of the most exciting species available for hunters to pursue in North America.

Both wary and regal, turkeys make a fine addition to any trophy room but unfortunately getting them mounted can be very expensive.

Skull Hooker has a classy and affordable option.

The Turkey Hooker is sold as a wall display.

Features include three tabs on the bottom for hanging/displaying a beard and legs. Like all Skull Hooker brackets, the display is adjustable to get the perfect angle or presentation of your trophy.

The Turkey Hooker is not just your typical turkey fan wall display. It can also be set flat on a shelf or on an office desk. In addition, the Turkey Hooker can be utilized on Skull Hookers’ Table Hooker and Trophy tree displays as two more options for displaying those turkey hunting memories

I have one in hand and plan on displaying the feathers and beard of my next bird with one. And with most of Texas’ turkeys taken on deer hunts in the fall now is a great time to get one of these well thought out products. I like the fact you can hang multiple beards or feet and beards.

Displaying game we take is a great way to honor the game and celebrate time spent outdoors.

And I love it when we can do it in such affordable fashion.

Chester Moore, Jr.

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  1. Buck says:

    Tom said the best way to mount is from the rear !