Rogue Waves In Texas Bays?

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March 29, 2022
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Unexpected or “rogue waves” are one of, if not the most frightening thing an angler or boater can encounter.

Waves of dangerous heights catch people off-guard each year and unfortunately kill people in Texas and along other areas of the Gulf Coast.

Texas Fish & Game has learned of a couple of areas in Galveston Bay as well as other locations where large waves from a combination of shipping traffic, currents and wind sometimes cause dangerous situations.

Have you ever encountered one of these “rogue” waves in a bay or channel in Texas?

If so email us at [email protected].

If so, we would love to hear your story. We want to share in a series of articles to raise awareness and to save lives.

Reader Chris Polnick recently shared this harrowing encounter with us.

“Across from the dike quite a few years back, a buddy and I were doing some night fishing. We were out at the end of the small jetty. The waters were fairy calm. We were out there a few hours and I estimate the water line at the time to be at least three feet below the top of the jetty. All of a sudden a wave hit the jetty and the water pulled way back off the rocks and wave number was enough to splash us,” he said.

Polnick said as the water pulled even further back the second wave had just enough time to grab what we could just before the third wave washed across the top of the jetty, luckily only about mid-shin level.

“Luckily for us we were able to maintain our footing. Much higher and we would have been pushed off the jetty for sure. We lost some tackle boxes a rod and a few other items. You don’t think much about a life jacket on the jetty but we came real close to needing one that night!”

Do you have stories you would like to share? If so email us at [email protected]

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