Flounder Season Set To Open Soon

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Flounder fishing in Texas waters opens Dec. 15 after a six-week closure.

The closure is in response to declining flounder numbers and officials designed it to allow flounder to migrate into the Gulf from bay systems during the spawn.

Flounder have an extremely bony mouth so the optimal rod for them is something with some backbone.

(Photo: Chester Moore)

The daily bag limit is 5.

The Louisiana flounder season is now open. It was closed Oct. 15-Nov. 30 for the same reasons as Texas.

Flounder fishing in the late fall and winter can be quite good, despite commonly held beliefs that the only good period for flounder is during the “run” or migration.

Not all flounder leave the bays and they don’t all leave at once.

Here’s an article we did on catching flounder during winter.


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