More Power: Honda BF350 Joins the Fleet

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Honda breaks through the 300-hp barrier with the new BF350.

Honda outboard fans, rejoice! Honda has an all-new BF350, their most potent outboard yet.

honda bf350 outboard

Honda breaks through the 300-hp barrier with the new BF350.

It’s been years since Honda made big news with a big outboard, so we were a bit surprised when the BF350 was introduced. This is an all-new V8 platform, and as they’ve done in the past Honda borrowed some tricks out of their automotive playbook. That includes a 30-degree offset balanced crankshaft, originally designed for the Accura NSX sportscar, along with plateau honing on the cylinder bores, ion plating on the piston rings, and VTEC (variable valve timing and lift electronic control). Controls are all drive-by-wire and the engine is fully NMEA2000 compatible, so if you want a joystick for easy control of multiple engine configurations it will plug and play with the Optimus 360 system.

The powerhead is a 32-valve V8 that displaces 302 cid, with a 3.5″ bore x 3.9″ stroke. Weight, always a big topic when it comes to these uber-powerful outboards, comes in at 765 pounds (776 pounds for the long 30″ shaft model). And, unlike some of the other 350s out there, the BF350 doesn’t require high-test fuel to make maximum horsepower – it’s rated at 350 horses turning 5,500 rpm (max is 5,000 to 6,000) while burning 86 octane.

We had the chance to get a test-run in with a BF350 late this fall, and found the engine’s quiet, low-vibration nature to be quite striking. Like most modern four-strokes it’s nearly silent when idling, but unlike many it continues to whisper rather than roar at high rpm. We also noted a lot of midrange oomph, and when you cruise at 3500 rpm then nail the throttle, the acceleration is hat-stripping.

Another thing we find striking about this motor is the warranty Honda is offering with it. There’s always a fear of a certain amount of risk with buying a brand new model before it’s been tested by time, and Honda addresses this by giving the BF350 a five-year, non-declining warranty.

What about price? We just don’t know yet. Honda hasn’t given us a number yet, nor have they specified exactly when the BF350 will be out on the open market in America. They have, however, stated that this information will become available in early 2024.


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