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December 15, 2014

Giant hogs are for real…or are they?

  Hogzilla. That is the name bestowed upon a huge hog killed in 2004 by Chris Griffin on Ken Holyoak’s hunting preserve. As the story goes, […]
December 12, 2014

Ivory & Extinction

African elephants have been at the forefront of international wildlife conservation efforts for the last 30 years. When ivory poaching was brought to the public’s consciousness […]
December 8, 2014

The Search for “Little Foot”

Kingdom Zoo has partnered with Bear Creek Feline Center in Panama City, Fla. to take their “Search for Little Foot” to Texas. The “Little Foot” they […]
November 26, 2014

Dwarf Whitetails Update

Last summer Kingdom Zoo started soliciting information about tiny or “dwarf” whitetail deer. My father and uncle both reported seeing fully developed whitetail bucks that were […]
October 29, 2014

Creature Feature: Tarantula!

On this week’s episode of The Creature Feature we profile a chaco golden knee tarantula. Enjoy! Source:: Kingdom Zoo
October 21, 2014

Lynx in Texas? Pt. 2

(This is the final installment of a two-part series written by my cat research partner Terri Werner and I. Chester Moore, Jr. The first difference between […]
October 20, 2014

Lynx in Texas? Pt. 1

(In 2012, my friend Terri Werner and I published an article in Texas Fish & Game that had the most reader feedback of any story in […]
October 15, 2014

Creature Feature: Short-tailed Opossum

On this week’s episode of The Creature Feature we profile a super cool short-tailed opossum. Enjoy! Source:: Kingdom Zoo
October 13, 2014

Filming begins…

We’re starting to shoot season 3 of God’s Outdoors with Chester Moore this week. If you have exotic animals, ranch land or access to unique, beautiful […]
October 10, 2014

Wild Wishes

In 1982, I got to accompany my grandmother Ruby Pickard on a very important mission. She granted a little boy with leukemia his “wish” which was […]



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