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December 7, 2017

TX Wardens Catch Man Hunting Naked On Highway

The following items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife Department law enforcement reports. The Naked Truth Hunters rely on camouflage clothing to mask their […]
December 7, 2017

Curving Arrows? (Video)

Archer Lars Andersen recently released another impressive video that shows him curving arrows around obstacles and into targets.  He even launches an arrow into the wind […]
December 7, 2017

How To Catch Quality Trout Under the Birds

The easiest way to catch speckled trout in Texas bays is to look for gulls diving over the shrimp and shad specks send to the surface. […]
December 5, 2017

My Friend Lou Marullo

It was the biggest buck I had ever seen on open range. With at least 12 points, a rack that would easily top 140 B&C and […]
December 5, 2017

Baffin Bay Rod And Gun Endorsed by Orvis

Being endorsed by an internationally known, high profile company such as Orvis is an unbelievable honor and a privilege that is not an easy feat said […]
December 5, 2017

5 Tips for Killing More Hogs

More hogs are killed in Texas than whitetail deer. We documented that last year when we rain the Texas Agrilife stats that reveal some 750,000 hogs […]
December 5, 2017

What is Constitutional Carry?

What is constitutional Carry? We often hear the term “Constitutional Carry” (C.C.) thrown around and it is a very often misused term. Constitutional Carry essentially refers […]
December 5, 2017
micro whitetail

Full Grown Buck the Size of a Poodle-Fawns that Fit In Your Hands?

It was the size of a labrador retriever”. My late uncle Jackie Moore was a man of few words but when he told a story it […]
December 4, 2017

The Devil Bull of South Texas

“El Diablo!” “El Diablo!” A man came screaming through a South Texas work camp at night frantic and pointing toward the brush. One of the workers […]
November 30, 2017

Chester Moore’s Tips for Late Fall Flounder (Pt. 1)

Nine years ago, major changes were made to flounder fishing regulations throughout Texas. These changes included cutting the recreational bag limit in from 10 to 5, […]
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