Rhino hunt auction winner fears for life

A North Texas man who paid $350,000 for the right to hunt an endangered African black rhino said he’s had to hire full-time security due to death threats after his name was leaked onto the Internet.

Corey Knowlton told Dallas television stations WFAA and KTVT that he won last week’s Dallas Safari Club auction to hunt a black rhino in the African nation of Namibia. The club says the permit was auctioned to raise money for efforts to protect and conserve the species.

An estimated 4,000 black rhinos remain in the wild, and the auction drew critics who said all members of an endangered species deserve protection.

“I’m a hunter,” Knowlton told WFAA. “I want to experience a black rhino. I want to be intimately involved with a black rhino. If I go over there and shoot it or not shoot it, it’s beyond the point.”

Knowlton lives in Royse City, about 30 miles outside Dallas, and leads international hunting trips for a Virginia-based company, The Hunting Consortium.

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Source: Fox News


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  1. Dennis

    This is another case of a Rich man on an EGO trip. There is no valid reason to hunt an endangered species. He should be spending his money to HELP them instead of satisfying his EGO. So Sad!

  2. mars

    Even if this auction did not occur, the Namibian govt. would still kill this rogue rhino. He can no longer breed, and is killing younger males. The auction money is going back to the Namibian govt. to assist in their rhino conservation efforts.