Facts That You May Not Know About The Famous ‘Bluefin Tuna’ Fish

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Although there are countless fish in the ocean, there are a few that are especially popular in the marine community as well as among the general public. The fish that we are going to talk in this blog is bluefin tuna. We know that they are expensive, packed with vital nutrients, and quite fast. But, there are still many interesting facts that people do not know about the bluefin tuna. In this blog, we’ll share those facts with our readers. Let’s take a look at them.

Bluefin Tuna Is Not A Specific Fish

Many people wrongly assume that bluefin tuna is a specific fish, which is not correct. Rather, it is a blanket term within which four types of fish are included. There is the Longtail Tuna, the Southern Tuna, the Atlantic Tuna, and the Pacific Tuna. Among these, the biggest one is the Pacific Tuna, which can get as long as 9.8 feet in length.

These Fish Live A Long Life

You will be surprised to know that bluefin tuna fish can live for as many as forty years. Due to such a long life, they are able to travel across entire oceans. While these fish may enjoy living for so long and traveling so far, this unique feature poses problems to scientists, who find it difficult to track the migrating habits of tuna and come up with conservation efforts.

They Come Under Endangered Fish Species

One bad news for tuna lovers: bluefin tuna are endangered. Since it is super expensive and considered a high delicacy food, fishermen try to catch them in great numbers. This has reduced the number of tunas in the ocean, which is not good for the ocean. Bluefin tunas are known as one of the most top predators in the ocean. The whole ocean ecosystem will get affected if their numbers continue to decline

They Weren’t Popular In The Past

You will surprised to know that as recently as 1960s, these highly expensive fish used to get sold for just pennies a pound. Shocking, right? What made it so popular and expensive? Yes, you guessed it right! It was the rise of sushi’s popularity that made tunas so popular all around the world.

So, there you have it. These are some of the most unknown facts about bluefin tuna fish. If you wish to learn about tuna fishing in Texas, subscribe to Texas Fish & Game Publishing. Since we are the most known outdoor publication in the Lone Star State, you will get to know a lot about not just fishing but hunting, guns, wildlife subjects, and much more by subscribing to our magazine and newsletter.


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