Study says guns send 20 kids to hospital daily

Twenty children or adolescents were hospitalized for firearm-related injuries every day in 2009, and 453 died of their wounds, a new report says.

The study provides one of the most comprehensive recent efforts to tally the number of children hurt nationally in gun-related incidents. It was published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

A national database of patients younger than 20 who were admitted to hospitals in 2009 shows that boys represented nearly 90% of the total, and that the rate of gunshot-related hospitalizations for African American males was 10 times that of white males.

Blacks ages 15 to 19 were 13 times more likely than their white peers to be injured by gunfire. And 70% of all black children hospitalized for gun injury (compared with 32% of all white children injured by firearms) were classified as victims of assault. Latino children and adolescents were three times likelier than white children to be hospitalized with a firearm-related injury.

Hospital care for youths injured by gunfire cost $147 million in 2009, according to the rep…

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Source: L.A. Times


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  1. LeeAnn

    I would also like to see a comparison study showing how many children a day are abused by their parents and also those that are in car accidents ESPECIALLY those that were not in proper seat belt restraints!

  2. Jim Foster

    “Victims ages 15 to 19 made up 84% of the children brought to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and two-thirds of those injuries were attributed to assault.”

    The title and first sentence of the article refer to children or adolescents. I personally don’t consider 15 to 19 year old gang members to be either children or adolescents.

    This is simply another leftist anti-gun article meant to produce a knee jerk reaction against guns.

  3. William

    Another bull**** left wing attempt to twist facts to suit their agenda. 18 and 19 year olds are legally adults, not “kids” I am surprised they didn’t try to include all the 18 and 19 year old soldiers that were shot in combat in 2009.