Texas game wardens fighting terror?

When they aren’t rescuing stranded hikers from 300,000-acre parks or airlifting victims from dangerous flood zones, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Game Wardens will now aid in anti-terrorism and border protection missions.

The TPWD semi-monthly magazine highlighted changes to their operations this month in an article about the new teams:

As fully commissioned peace officers, and law enforcement, Texas’ 532 game wardens have long assisted local authorities and other state agencies in times of crisis, but the TPWD Law Enforcement Division recently established a cadre of specialty teams made up of volunteer game wardens willing to take extra training and respond to situations anywhere in Texas at a moment’s notice while also maintaining their regular duties.

Specifically, there’s a 25-man unit called a “scout team” that the magazine says “is designed to serve as what the military calls a ‘force multiplier.'” Its duties include “border operations, dignitary protection or any form of high-risk law enforcement, such as serving felony arrest warrants or hostage situations.”

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Source: The Blaze

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  1. MikeY

    More of our Hunting/fishing licensing fees for something other than out door sports. And what about our State Parks? What about our Hatcheries? This is something we Texans don’t need from TPWD this is what DPS does! Look at the price of a license and sporting goods taxes!! A “military type force multiplier”, Border operations? If these guys want to be Soldiers join the military!! This is total BS…