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  1. James Andrews

    What the morons still do not seem to understand, is that there are already about 300 million firearms in America alone; none of this technology will ever get rid of all of the firearms that do not have it. Second, no gangster or criminal with a real brain, would ever use such a firearm, so it would have virtually zero affect on reducing gun crime and violence, while costing law abiding gun owners more time and money. Third, ballistics technology already can do what this technology does, and do it much cheaper. It is NOT needed, nor, will it be effective in any way!

  2. Dustin Ellermann

    This is nothing more than an attempt to further infringe upon our right to keep and bear arms. The scary thing is that the forces at be will wish to impose this as a mandatory requirement on all firearms in the future. I already stated what I think about 007’s “neutered” PPK in my blog.

  3. pawpaw

    Will the government have a way to disarm this technology once they pass gun cotrol?

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