Supreme Court could take up guns outside the home

WASHINGTON — Guns will be on the table Friday when the Supreme Court meets in private conference to consider potential cases for next fall’s docket.

Just figuratively, of course. The petitions scheduled for potential discussion include three that challenge state or federal gun control laws.

None of those cases directly raises the next big legal issue in the national debate over guns: whether the right to keep a gun at home for self-defense extends to public places. The justices could choose to take on that issue now, but it would be a stretch.

However, a federal appeals court panel’s divided ruling last week in a California case makes it more likely that the question of guns outside the home will be heading to the high court soon.

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Source: USA Today


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  1. Yes, because the last thing the gun community needs is more hysteria on the issues at the mere whisper of something in the Supreme Court. Thanks for keeping an eye on this.

  2. James Andrews

    The Second Amendment is very clear and concise, and there is absolutely nothing in it that states that citizens can or cannot own certain types of firearms, or can only carry “here or there”. It’s all a bunch of crap. And our gun rights are inalienable, period, regardless of what a bunch of corrupt poilticians think. And gun laws should also be entirely up to the states; they are not under “Federal” responsibility!

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