Vintage MONSTER rattlesnake photo Vintage MONSTER rattlesnake photo

About 25 years ago, someone gave me this photo of a monster rattlesnake allegedly in Texas. While the length on the snake is hard to tell, the girth is definitely impressive. It almost looks like an eastern diamondback, a snake quite a bit thicker than our western diamondback in Texas.


In other words, the snake could be from Florida or somewhere else along the eastern seaboard. The man is holding the snake away from his body which makes it appear larger than it is but this is without question an extra big rattlesnake.

I am trying to find out two things about this photo.

1. Does anyone have any verifiable history on it-old magazine articles, news clippings, etc?

2. Has anyone seen this attributed to a specific area?

Tracking down the origin of some of these photos is fun and this has been one that has interested me for years.

Chester Moore, Jr.