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  1. James Andrews

    It’s time to fight them tooth and nail. If they can’t get a loan from a regular bank, they should try the credit unions as well, or other sources. To hell with the feds, as they have become corrupt as hell. They are essentially criminals today, as they are continually violating our Constitution.

  2. Mike

    Pay attention…..NO ONE ENFORCES…..the Constitution! Not republicans and certainly not democrats. The President? The federal government is just another way of saying dictator. These people we EMPLOY have made the rest of us serfs to their whims by usurping the Constitution , interpreting the Bill of Rights, doing away with Posse Comitatus and other protections. The federal government, all of it, has become CORRUPT, feeding on the rest of us. You don’t own anything… rent it from one government or another……..stop paying taxes or disagree with them and see what happens…..

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