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  1. Chiefatk

    This country is going down the tubes if this creep is allowed to serve as a congressional representative. Anyone that votes for him deserves all the junk baggage that comes with him. He is not a man but a stupid girly man that can’t find anything better to do with his time than criticize young girls. Seems there should be some way to sue this creep into bankruptcy, although he deserves far worse.

  2. Mark

    Dickinson has no business being in office. His desire to sexually exploit someone else is reprehensible. If he succeeds in his desire for nude photos I hope that there are some criminal charges that can be brought up against him and whoever takes the photos (and that the charges are made to stick).

  3. Mike

    Mike Dickinson is a PERVERT plain and simple……

  4. John

    Just another pathetic example of so called representatives. Ignore Constitution & attack law abiding citizens. If did what was elected to do. Wouldn’t have as much time to be a moron

  5. Fast Eddie

    Vote the creep out. Eventually, he will destroy himself.

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