Escort SmartMirror Live gives radar detector a real boost

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May 8, 2012
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May 8, 2012

I have often said that I won’t recommend a product that I haven’t tested myself, but today I am making an exception.


The Escort SmartMirror has received so many accolades that I had to share it with you. (Again, I haven’t tried it, but earlier this year the awards mounted up, including Car & Driver’s 10 Best Technology Advances, SEMA Best New Mobile Electronics Product, Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award and CES Innovation Award for Design and Engineering.

For some of my heavier-footed readers a radar detector is a must but this new technology just blew me away.  It doesn’t  come cheap at $799.99 plus $99.99 for professional instalation, but when you add up all of the costs of GPS, rear camera, and many other features this could be a good purchase for updating your existing truck.  Escort also offers a trade-in program which you can check out at, to see if your current radar detector applies.

The SmartMirror puts all of the functionality into a replacement rearview mirror that enhables a high quality mirror, GPS navigation, hands-free cellular phone function and a back-up safety camera.  Your old mirror is removed, the SmartMirror replaces it and is wired to your vehicle’s electrical system. 

Features include:

  • Original equipment rearview mirror
  • Advanced Samsung 400MHz processor
  • Large capacity 64 MB internal memory
  • 2GB SD memory card for storing maps, pictures and e-books
  • Built-in Windows CE.NET 4.2
  • Built-in GPS receiver with high-gain (16 channels) dual antenna design
  • Integrated speaker
  • Two expandable video in[uts with reverse camera input sensing
  • Back-up camera

I won’t go into all of the detail since no one does a better job of that than the manufacturer, and I’ve already given you the link.  Be sure to check out the videos on the site.

Also very interesting, tThe Escort SmartCord is available for a variety of Escort and Beltronics radar detectors (in either iPhone or Android formats), the SmartCord Live adapter is a replacement for the standaqrd 12-volt power cord on the radar detector. It also has its own USB and comuter/camera ports.

Remember that anything that works with your cell phone requires a robust data plan.  Check yours before purchasing or installing anything or you might get a very ugly bill for data usage.


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