BIG NEWS: Toyota to introduce redesigned 2014 Tundra next month

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It has been a long time coming, but Toyota just announced that it will introduce a redesigned Tundra Full-Size pickup truck at the Chicago Auto Show on February 7, at 9:00 a.m.

No other details or teases have been sent out, but it has long been rumored that the company had a 2014 Tundra on the vehicle release list, but with the introduction of the new GM 2014 full-size trucks for both GMC and Silverado brands – which begin production the second quarter — late last year and the unveiling of the Ford Atlas concept earlier this month, it appeared that this might be put off until the following model year. RAM introduced a new truck for 2013, and it has received virtually award for that model year.

Current Toyota Tundra — successor to be unveiled in February at Chicago Auto Show

At this time, there is obviously no information as to when the new truck might be available, or where it is designed to slot in as far as pricing. (At the Houston Auto Show media preview yesterday, a company spokesman indicated that Ford, which dominates the high-end truck market today, is focusing greater attention on the under $30,000 price point to capitalize on the recovering economy.)

The word among Tundra bloggers is that the redesign will not include a modification of the engine and drive train currently on the vehicle, although there is apt to be some light-weighting to help improve fuel efficiency. The biggest changes are apt to be on the vehicle interior since it has been close to a decade since it underwent a major overhaul.

At this point, who knows. Toyota has kept an intro date under wraps effectively. Perhaps there is much more to this new introduction. That would be good news for the company and for San Antonio, TX, where the Tundra is built.

When I am in Chicago for the Auto Show in two weeks, I will provide a live streaming link to the reveal broadcast so you can log on if you choose.

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