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June 21, 2013
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June 23, 2013

Usually when I write about older vehicles, it’s about recalls, fixes or problems.  This time it is about a great freebie for owners of 2006 model year or newer General Motors vehicles that do not currently have activated OnStar, but do have that little blue button.  You can now get three-months of free OnStar service with no commitment.

OnStar button offers something for nothing

This, of course, includes trucks and SUVs, as well as passenger cars, and — if you have never used OnStar — it is a super deal.  If you purchased your vehicle used, then there is a likelihood that you never activated the service.  This enables you to have the same kind of trial subscription that usually accompanies the purchase of a new vehicle.

Auto and truck writers did not receive a press release on this.  I heard an ad on satellite radio touting it and did a follow up with the OnStar people to verify it.  If you know of others who have vehicles that qualify, be sure to pass the word along.

Make no mistake.  I am a huge OnStar fan and have written about it since it became available.  At one point GM sold the service to other vehicle manufacturers like Audi, but when they changed the system, the blue button in those vehicles became as useless as…well, you know.  But all of that is ancient history, and I never stopped appreciating the ease of use and multiple features offered by the service.

For the free trial, its the directions and connections package which includes turn-by-turn navigation, automatic crash response , remote door lock, hands-free calling and more.  Free is good.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, call 888-466-7827 (even the call is free) or press the blue button and ask for the three-month free trial.  And remember: free is good.


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